Finders Keepers.

I'm Steph & I'm 21. :)


My friend painted this. It kicks complete ass too. I’m putting it on a shirt
'how is it that one can have more wealth than millions?'
Philipedo, stefanny and imogenitals :) <3

steph might wanna know?
Me, Alex and a few mates at our Halloween party :)
Higgator with Alex was lovely :)
The move went great. :)Our new apartment is so lovely! :) I miss my parents and my baby Amber, but, I get to see them weekends. :)Having a lovely time, with Alexander. <3 
Everybody looks the same these days.

They wear the same clothes, do their hair the same… And then there’re those, who are 'different', but, they’re not really ‘different’ at all, ‘cause all of the 'different' people wear the same 'different' clothes. Because all they’re doing is following a trend.
Why do people have to follow a crowd? Why don’t we all just wear what the hell we wanna wear and not care what people think. That way there ACTUALLY would be difference and originality.

I said ‘different’ waaaaaaaay too much in that. owell. Differentdiferentdifferent. 


“Ah yes. I was wondering what would break first: your spirit… or your body?”
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